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We aspire to be the most admired & preferred organization with our commitment of delivering products of high quality, customer satisfaction, innovation product development by continually...
We will discover, develop and successfully market agrochemical products to prevent, diagnose, alleviate and cure diseases. We shall provide total customer satisfaction and achieve leadership in...
Prism Crop Science Pvt. Ltd. is passionate for Quality beyond business. We are committed for sustaining a high-level of quality within our operating environment which is focused towards the patient...

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Prism Crop Science Pvt. Ltd.

Prism Crop Science Private Limited is a Private Company incorporated on 01 April 2014 on the strong foundations of Prism Crop Care Private limited which served the farming community since 2008. Prism believes in well being of all stake holders of Indian agriculture. Our motto is - We breathe Agriclture and our aim is to make agriculture a profitable business. We manufacture and market agri-inputs.

Prism Crop Science Pvt. Ltd.

Some of them are Chemical Pesticides, Plant health products with botanical extracts, Pheromone traps & lures, Water soluble fertilizers, micronutrients and nutritional products based on Proteino-lactogluconate technology. We manufacture them in different kinds of formulations based on requirements of farming community and market. Research activities are in progress for microbial metabolites in plant nutrition and protection. For evaluation of our products we depend on scientific community from various State Agricultural universities and in-house trials conducted by our R&D team.

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