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Plant Health Products

Sprint SL

Sprint SL is based on seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum, the finest marine plant available for agricultural use and is recognized world over as an excellent natural fertilizer and source of organic matter.

Dosage : 2-3ml/L

Benefits :

  • Increase in number of flowers.
  • Reduction in flower drop
  • Improvement in yield quality.
  • More yield
  • Helps in abiotic stress resistance
  • Enhanced fertilizer use efficiency.

Application Time : At the time of sowing or transplanting

Application Method : Spray as mist on entire canopy of the plants, using high volume sprayer on field and plantation crops. For small sized flower beds or pot plants, mix 1 to 2 ml of BIOVITA liquid with one litre of water and spray the mixture uniformly on entire canopy.

Sprint GR

Sprint Gr is based on seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum, the finest marine plant available for agricultural use and is recognized world over as an excellent natural fertilizer and source of organic matter.

Dosage : 5 kg/Acre

Product Description : Sprint Granules is based on seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum, the finest marine plant available for agricultural use and is recognized world over as an excellent natural fertilizer and source of organic matter.

Benefits :

  • Uniform crop stand.
  • Improved germination.
  • Stronger root development.
  • Reduction in transplanting shock.
  • Improved fertilizer use efficiency.
  • Helps in abiotic stress resistance.

Application Time : At sowing or transplanting.

Nutri pearls

Nutripearls Granules is ORGANIC CERTIFIED advanced technology input derived from naturally nutrient rich fermentation technology. It is an innovation of Laven research centre, which provides quality nutrients and organic carbon support to organically grown crops. The ingredients contained in LG compound (Lacto gluconate) helps to reap nutrients for superior quality and bumper yield free from any chemical residue.

Features & Benefits :

  • Nutri pearls Eco Granules is certified organic input by the world leading organic certification agency.
  • Nutri Pearls Eco Granules helps to increase the productivity of organic farming since the productivity of organic farm is lower as compared to conventional farm.
  • Nutri Pearls Eco Granules supply sufficient and nutrients to the crop at the correct point in its development to achieve economically viable yields.
  • It rapidly stimulates plant growth and development within days after initial application leading to increase in yield & quality.
  • Nutri pearls Eco Granules being eco-friendly product ensures safety (leaves no residue) and is fit for Organic farming.
  • It improves beneficial soil micro ¯o organisms in the soil and makes soil rich.
  • It increases the resistance of crops to environmental stress such as drought, frost, pest & diseases.

Dosage :

  • Apply 20 Kg / acre for vegetables & other cash crops.
  • Irrigate after soil application, other than irrigated paddy.


Algal Extracts : 20%

Basil Extracts : 10%

Aqua : 70%

Dosage : 1.5-2 ml/L

Uses :

  • Is an organic balancer exclusive for altering the plant physiology. The metabolities will strengthen the biological system of crops and induce flowering, reduce flower drop and give uniform fruit/pod sizes.
  • Is an ideal product for enhancing yield and quality of fruit by nourishing and enhancing the basic metabolism of crops.


Annona seed extracts : 15%

Fish oil : 70%

Surfactants : 5%

Emulsifiers : 10%

Uses : Enhances plant strength to tolerate lepidopteran caterpillars Provides ideal support in nutrition for enhancing the ability of the plant system in an efficient way to give long term tolerance to caterpillars.

Dosage : 100ml per acre


Basil Powder : 20%

Castor Seed powder : 10%

Pongamia kernel powder : 7%

Fillers : 63%

Uses : Provides nutrition to plants and make them to tolerate diseases Provides resistance against fungal diseases like leaf/ fruit spots, Mildews and Rots caused by Fungi/Bacteria.

Dosage : 1gm per lit of water.


Annona Seed Powder : 20%

Protein hydrolysate Powder : 20%

Castor Seed powder : 60%

Uses : Will enhance plant strength to tolerate lepidopteran caterpillars in crops like chillies and vegetables and cereals. Enhances the ability of the plant system to have a long term tolerance to caterpillars & Plant diseases in an efficient way.

Dosage : 125grm per acre.


Super potassium fulvic humate : 90%

Seaweed : 10%

Uses :

  • Increases flower & Capsule formation.
  • Helps in drought tolerance.
  • Increases soil microbial activity and water holding capacity.
  • Increases yield and quality of crops.
  • Improves color, taste, and crop yield.

Dosage : 250-400gms per acre


Protein Hydrolyzates : 30%

Basil Extracts : 12%

Fillers and Carriers : 48%

Benefits :

  • Granular product for soil application.
  • Makes the plant resistant to lepidopteran caterpillars.
  • Used to make Rice, Sugarcane, Maize plants resist stemborer, leaf roller and army worm attacks.

Dosage : 4kg/acre for Rice and Maize; 8kg/acre for Sugarcane


GAMA, contains extracts of large family of compounds produced by aerobic fermentation of consortium of microorganisms. The microbial consortium produces bioactive lipopeptides that helps maintain crop health and impart resistance to pests mainly sucking pests like thrips, mites, whitefly etc. Protects crops from environmental stress also rectifies deficiency symptoms and imparts quality and product yield. Different extraction and purification methods are employed as liquid–liquid extraction, and acid precipitation followed by solvent extraction and purification.

Mode of action : GAMA acts instantly, works with its potential repellent action, the insect feeding gets impaired and also the compounds effectively choke the spiracles and disturb the respiration; the metabolites.

GAMA has a distinct action on the pest reproduction, substantially reduce the fecundity of female insects so as to ensure longer control of pest. GAMA has excellent translaminar property that ensures deep and quicker penetration in to plant tissues to eradicate eggs of insect pests for control of further development of pest populations.

Dosage and application method : 2 to 2.5 ML, use adequate water volume to cover the canopy of the crop, use of a good quality spreading agent is recommended.

Advantages of Gama :

  • GAMA is safe to the environment, beneficial insects and operators.
  • GAMA does not leave any residues, no waiting period for harvest.
  • GAMA will break the induced resistance due to chemical pesticides.
  • GAMA is pest specific, can be used on any crop/agroclimatic conditions.
  • GAMA is quite target specific and does not allow cross resistance.
  • GAMA helps plants recover from the biotic stress caused by pests.


ELIXIR, contains extracts of secondary metabolite produced by aerobic fermentation of specific microorganisms. The microbe produces bioactive β amino fatty acid compounds Different extraction and purification methods are employed as liquid–liquid extraction, and acid precipitation followed by solvent extraction and purification. ELIXIR is fortified with phenolic compounds and antioxidants.

Mode of action : ELIXIR works with a unique mode of action of boosting plant resistance and immunity to pathogenic fungi.

The phenomenon is explained as induced systemic resistance (ISR). ELIXIR also inhibits the cell wall formation of the pathogenic fungi leading to eradication of pathogen in plants. ELIXIR is systemic in its nature and protects plants from the disease by antisporulate property ensuring longer control period from the disease.

Dosage and application method : Use ELIXIR @ 2 ML along with a good quality spreader. ELIXIR can be used as foliar spray, can also be used as soil drench or drip irrigation. Repeat application of ELIXIR if required, based on the symptoms on plants.

Advantages of Elixir :

  • ELIXIR, apart from controlling the disease helps plants to revive faster from disease stress.
  • ELIXIR is quite effective against pathogens that developed resistance to chemical fungicides.
  • ELIXIR with its prophylactic and curative properties give excellent and longer control.
  • ELIXIR is safer to environment, does not allow cross resistance and safer to operators.
  • ELIXIR does not leave any toxins, so the harvest can be made without any waiting time.

IRIS 2.0

Viral diseases are quite common in many crops, they inflict damage by impacting vegetative growth, flowering and fruit setting. etc. IRIS 2.0 is a unique Combination in controlled proportions of microbial extracts which control diseases caused by viruses and fungi, also addressesnutritional deficiencies to a large extent. IRIS 2.0 boosts natural disease resistance in plants and stops propagation of virus into the next cell thus, control virus replication and suppress viral diseases symptoms.

Mode of action : When IRIS 2.0 is applied as foliar application, it enters the plant through stomata openings and the epithelial tissues, moves to other tissues throughout the plant by translocation.

The particles of antiviral differentiates inside the system and inhibits the multiplication of the infected cells. IRIS 2.0boosts natural disease resistance in plants and stops the progress of virus into the next cell thus, controls virus replication and suppress virus disease symptoms.

Dosage : IRIS 2.0 @ 250 ML per acre along with good vector controlling insecticide like GAMA Repeat IRIS 2.0 with a gap of 10 days for better recovery of plants from the disease.

Advantages of Iris 2.0 :

  • IRIS 2.0 is 100% organic, so immediately absorbed and translocated within the plants.
  • IRIS 2.0 produces immediate results and boosts crop vigour and performance.
  • Works against wide range of viruses and suitable for all crops and climates.
  • IRIS 2.0 is compatible with any insecticide, fungicide or nutrient etc.