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Swarna Bhoomi

Uses :

  • Increase in number of flowers.
  • Reduction in flower drop.
  • Improvement in yield quality.
  • More yield.
  • Helps in abiotic stress resistance.
  • Enhanced fertilizer use efficiency.

Dosage : 50kgs/Acre

Seaweed : – 12%


Uses :

  • Zinc sulphate monohydrate in granular form.
  • Used as basal application for correction of zinc deficiency in soils.
  • It contains highest zinc percentage.
  • Plant available sulphur 15% Min.
  • It can be spread uniformly in the field.
  • Since it is in granular form it can be handled very easily.
  • It works very efficiently.
  • There is no wastage.

Dosage : 5-10kgs depending upon the stage of the crop

Zinc : 33%


Advantages :

  • VAM triggers the growth promoting factors in plants which results in marked increase in crop yield & improves their quality.
  • VAM produces powerful enzymes to dissolve tightly bound nutrients such as organic Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Iron, Zinc, Sulphur and Copper.
  • VAM provides better crop growth and yield.
  • VAM resists entry of pathogens and nematodes near plant roots.
  • VAM increases the surface area of roots several times, improves water uptake.
  • VAM enhances uptake of applied fertilizer Nitrogen and Phosphorus.
  • VAM also improves biological N fixation of legume by improving nodules formation.
  • VAM induces draught resistance to rain-fed and irrigated dry crops.
  • VAM helps reducing fertilizer application significantly.

Dosage : 4 Kg per acre or 1 Lt per acre