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Manufacturing Unit

Chemical Fertilizers Manufacturing Unit

"Prism Crop Science Private Limited has one of the finest Chemical Fertilizers manufacturing unit situated at Malkapur, is one of ISO certified manufacturing facility equipped with advanced automatic and semi-automatic equipments, analytical instruments and privileged with expert chemist and Staff in the respective fields?

Chemical Factory
Chemical Factory

Organic Fertilizers Manufacturing Unit

Prism Crop Science has not restricted its presence only in Chemical Fertilizers but also has its leading hand in Organic Fertilizer and Organic Nutritious Products. Having its one vast Organic Fertilizer Manufacturing unit in Pantangi well equipped with all the necessary manufacturing equipments. Not only involved in manufacturing of the organic fertilizers and nutrients, but also has its own Research and Development Lab which works under guidance of the expert scientists and the staff with team of Experts.

Organic Factory


Research and Development is a process where Prism intended to create new or improved technology. Prism significantly invest in a fully integrated research laboratory with advanced instruments like.

  • • HPLC
  • • YL 6500 GC SYSTEM
Research Unit
Research Unit